How to stop your puppy from chewing

Puppies are just following their instincts when chewing up all you household goods and don’t really understand the whole non-chewing concept right away. Cutting their teeth is just a part of their young life. On top of that, this is a way they explore the new world, through taste and texture. The good news is, this can often be corrected quite easily with a few steps.

Exercise is a huge deterrent in regards to chewing. A tired pup, is often a relaxed and less curious pup. Try to walk and play with your pup as much as possible. This also helps create a great bond as well.

Providing good, safe dog toys and dog treats will also help deter your pup from chewing the wrong things. But most important, do not give your pup an old shirt or shoe to chew on so they don’t associate clothing with a good or proper chew selection. Be consistent!

Do not let the little one become bored. Make him use his brain with learning commands and interactive games like fetch.

Feed the little one regularly so they don’t get overly hungry. This will help cut down on the chewing problem as well.

If these tactics still don’t work, you made have to pull out all the stops and buy an anti-chew spray which will help deter the chewing.

Hope this helps and be sure to keep your yard clean for the pups.

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