Making A Dog Waste Composter

Dog Waste is NOT a good fertilizer by any means.  More so, the exact opposite.  That’s why your lawn gets yellowed and stained  when you leave it.  But, you can do something which is environmentally friendly with the waste.  Which is build a dog waste composter, it may be slow, but it works. Also, your garbage people will appreciate it as well.  I’m sure they are sick of it all over the place when they are dealing with your trash.  Your lawn people, (or yourself) will appreciate it as well if it is picked up from the yard regularly.  It’s awful stuff to step in and smell.

Here is a step by step on building a very inexpensive composter:

  1. Buy or find a large garbage can and drill out about 20 holes in the side.
  2. Cut the bottom of the barrel out.
  3. Then dig out a hole the same height/depth for the garbage can.
  4. Create some drainage by putting gravel in the bottom of the hole.
  5. Have the garbage can sticking out just a little bit over ground level.
  6. Put the lid back on.
  7. Then when you accumulate some dog waste throw it in the hole with some septic starter and done!

If you are too busy to do it ask your local Pooper Scooping company for assistence. Keep you yard clean and your pets healthy from disease.

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