How it Works

Simplicity is key

  • Every week we come to your home and clean the area of your pup(s) leavings.
  • We take the waste with us and dispose of it in a eco-friendly manner.
  • You do NOT need to be home as long as I have access to the area.
  • Your dogs can be out while I do it. As long as they’re friendly little fellas.
  • Even the payment is automatic!

You literally have to do NOTHING.
(Now you can let out your sigh of relief)

 Call Marty Now: 380-6093

Or just fill out the contact form below. Talk to you soon!!

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3 Easy Ways to Sign Up

You can Text: 864-380-6093

Just send your name, your dog(s) name(s) and your address of service.

– OR –

You can Call: 864-380-6093

Just leave your name, your dog(s) name(s) and your address of service OR I’ll answer!!

– OR –

Fill out the form below & I’ll (Marty) contact you ASAP

NOTE: If you have questions, you can leave them also.

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