How To House-Break Your Pup

Consistency is key!  You get an average of six times a day to correct and train your pup because that’s about how many times they need to relieve themselves.  The correction part is quite simple.  When you see them breaking the rules(during the act only!) just give a firm sounding “NO” to take them out of their moment.  Immediately bringing them outside, while stating “outside” or whatever word you want to associate with it.  But make sure everyone uses the same method and same word.  Puppies will get confused very easy if everyone is trying to teach him/her a different way.

A very easy way to give your pup a jump start is to crate train.  A big key is to find a crate that is not too big where as the dog can urinate of defacate in and still have room to lay down next to it.  Pup’s will generally not go in a small area where they can’t lay down after the mess.  When you let the pup out of the cage, take them outside where you want them to go and be sure to praise them heavily when they go.  They will start to associate going in that area with praise, and dogs LOVE praise!

Be assured that pups will respond very well to positive reinforcement when done immediately, they learn quick.  Another time that is obvious to let the pup out is after water or food.  Their little belly’s are small and easily have pressure on their bladder with very little in their stomach, so head them for the door.  Also, be sure to clean up the urine or waste extremely well and quickly if there is an indoor accident.  You don’t want them associating that smell with indoors.  Also, you want to keep the outside cleaned up as well.  This helps with prevention on disease, your pup eating his own feces to “clean his area”, and for a multitude of other reasons.

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