Dog Treat Questions and Answers

There are a few frequently asked questions about dog treats, so here are some answers People often wonder if dog treats are good for dogs. The answer is some types. Look for treats with probiotics or the crunchy kind that promote dental health. Don’t over treat your dog, especially for no reason. Let him earn them. He will absolutely appreciate them more and also build a link between the two of you. Dogs love discipline and learning, it’s the way their brains are wired. Try to find smaller, low calorie treats to help manage your dogs weight.

What is the best dog treat? I have found that Dr. Fosters Lawnguard treats are the most beneficial for all parties involved. These treats have probiotics that help your dogs digestive tract and these treats are also formulated to help reduce the yellowing of your lawn from your pets waste. Sounds good to me!

Are rawhide treats good for my dog? Yes they can be, make sure you get a reputable brand. They can help your dogs dental as well as keep your pup entertained and away from chewing the wrong things(like slippers). Just watch, because they could stain your carpet.

Keep your dog healthy and your yard clean for you and your family.

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