Dog Training How to Sit

An easier way to train your pup is to make sure you train before they eat.  They will concentrate more for the treats.  Typically, they are less likely to focus if they have a full belly.   Consistency is key.  Be sure to use the same word everytime you want them to do a certain task.  While you have their full attention, push there backside down into a sitting position while saying the word.  When they are in the full sitting position immediate praise them or give them a treat to reinforce the action.  This is call positive reinforcement.  It is the most powerful tool to train just about anything.

Now, you must be patient with your pup.  Some will get it quickly and some may take a bit longer.( probably depends on how hungry they are, Ha)  Try to make time for this twice a day, they will pick it up and enjoy making you happy.  Dogs really do thrive when they know they are pleasing you.  With enough patience you can train your pup to do just about anything within reason.  Treat your dog well and keep you yard clean for him and you will have a fantastic relationship with your new best friend.  If you would like to see more article that are similar to this click here.

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