Dog Poop a Fuel

Dog Waste to be used as a Renewable Energy?

An alert young man, Matthew Mazzotta, a graduate from M.I.T, who had been studying methane digesters, made an astute observation one day while walking in a dog park. He noticed trash cans full of plastic bags of dog poop. This led to an idea on how to build a gas-burning lamppost using doggy waste. He called it  the “Park Spark Project” and it became the first methane [dog poop] powered lamppost in the United States.

The way it works is, the use of biodegradable bags to scoop up the doggy poop and then deposited into a big digester tank where it breaks down and releases methane gas. As it fills up to the level of an outlet pipe it overflows into another tank which keeps the first tank from overflowing. A small pipe coming off of the digester tank brings the gas to the gas burning lamppost and lights it up.

The same young man took a trip to India and observed people using dried dog poop to heat there tea on methane stoves. We look forward to the next great ideas for the use of dog poop, maybe running cars or our appliances! The future is wide open.

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