Do You Have A Dog Poop or Dog Waste Problem In Your Neighborhood

Recognizing the problem and then getting the message out is most important in combating the problem.  First, you should approach your HOA and make them aware of the problem.  What I would suggest is flyer the neighborhood or put an ad in the HOA circular to make more aware.  If you want to take it a step further, you could post signs to heighten awareness.

Another catalyst to solving the problem, is to hire a professional company to help keep the common areas clean of dog waste and they most likely will offer a group rate for a neighborhood to keep peoples back yards clean as well.  They will clean up weekly at a reduced rate.  Most HOA will just add it to the budget for the neighborhood, it’s usually quite affordable.

The seriousness of keeping your neighborhood and your own yard clean of dog poop is often unknown or overlooked.  Not only can you and your family, children, husband or wife contract parasites and diseases, but you can pollute the waterways as well. Yes, from the runoff from your own back yard!!

Do the responsible thing and clean up.  Everyone benefits! Dog waste removal for Greenville SC, Simpsonville SC, Mauldin SC, Taylors SC, Greer SC. 

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