Dog Massages

Oh, YES! If it feels good to you, just think how wonderful it will feel to your loving and faithful friend. Dogs like there head and ears patted and rubbed, but why stop there, lets take it full bodied to ease those tired muscles and weary bones. After a good run, and lots of action, there’s nothing like having the person who you love most, giving you that extra bit of attention and care. It’s a wonderful bonding ex between you and your dog. It’s not difficult and only takes a few minutes of your time. I believe it extends all our to massage the body, relaxing the muscles, improving circulation, bonding with your dog and a restful stress free moment in both your lives. It really is calming to people to have an animal to care for and keep you company.

I find the best way to start is with the front feet. Pick both feet up in your hands and gently massage them in a circular motion, after a few moments, transfer to his head and smooth the face, going up to the ears. Rub the ears around the base and the ears themselves. Watch your dogs face for positive reactions. Some dogs like this and some may have sensitive ears and not like this, you have to be the judge. Go down the back massaging both sides of the spine, right to the base of the tail. I’ve never seen a dog who didn’t love to have his butt scratched just above his tail. Repeat, till one of you gets tired, and then give a rub to each leg, last but not least the back feet and don’t forget to tell him how much you just couldn’t do without him! Have a happy time and see how much you’ll feel relaxed too.

Please be sure to keep your backyards clean for your dog, free from parasites and diseases.

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