Choosing a Dog Fence

Choosing the right dog fence can be an intimidating and confusing task. Fortunately, it’s really not as bad as you think. Almost all “brands” of dog fences are actually made by the same exact company- Radio Systems Corp. All the brands include Invisible Fence, Innotek, Guardian, Sprtsdog and Petsafe. So, unless you go with an extremely small company brand, you will be dealing with the same manufacturer.

This makes things easier because you no longer have to ask yourself what company should I buy from. Rather you have to ask yourself what features make sense for me and my pups. The dog’s receiver around his neck is the first thing you must consider. You need to buy a multiple correction level device so you can adjust the level of correction for your size dog. A single level can either over correct, and scare the heck out of your dog, or under correct so it doesn’t work properly.

A few more issues you need to look at would be your yard size. Certain brands may not give you the space you require so be weary. You may also have an extra stubborn dog, in this case you may need to buy a special extra strength collar for him/her. With these basic question you should be able to choose the proper system for your needs. Now all you need is to keep your yard clean!

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