How to stop your puppy from chewing

Puppies are just following their instincts when chewing up all you household goods and don’t really understand the whole non-chewing concept right away. Cutting their teeth is just a part of their young life. On top of that, this is a way they explore the new world, through taste and texture. The good news is,…

Choosing a Dog Fence

Choosing the right dog fence can be an intimidating and confusing task. Fortunately, it’s really not as bad as you think. Almost all “brands” of dog fences are actually made by the same exact company- Radio Systems Corp. All the brands include Invisible Fence, Innotek, Guardian, Sprtsdog and Petsafe. So, unless you go with an…

Dog Poop a Fuel

An alert young man, Matthew Mazzotta, a graduate from M.I.T, who had been studying methane digesters, made an astute observation one day while walking in a dog park. He noticed trash cans full of plastic bags of dog poop. This led to an idea on how to build a gas-burning lamppost using doggy waste. He…

Whipworms in Dog Feces

(Trichuris vulpis) Smaller than other parasitic worms (roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms) that typically range in 30-50 mm, this worm grows to about 2 full inches.  This particular worm is not often seen as it lives in the cecum.  The cecum is the area where the large intestines and the small intestines meet in the dogs…

Heartworms in Dog Feces

(Dirofilaria immitis) A parasitic roundworm that infects mostly dogs but can infect other animals such as foxes, cats, wolves coyotes, ferrets and even sea lions.  The name heartworm is a bit misleading because the “heart” worm attaches itself to the hosts lungs in the pulmonary arterial system(the blood ways in the lungs).  This is where…

Common Diseases In Dog Feces

Your four legged friend often times will bring more than love into the house.  Unfortunately, Rover’s leavings are often the common source of many diseases invading your home.  It’s typically brought in by him on his fur, or on your kids clothes or shoes.  Regardless, you need to know about them to keep you family…

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