Beware of Dog Foods

Vegetables, are much loved by most dogs. The fresher,cleaner and higher in fiber your dogs food is the healther and happier he will be. It’s become a sad fact that our pets are contracting things like cancer and tumors. The cause is often thought to be the food they are eating. The Animal Protection Institute states that, two- thirds of the pet food made in the U.S. contains preservatives, coloring agents, solvents, rancid oils and inedible {for humans} parts of animals. Of the more than 8,000 food additives on the market today, no toxicity level is available for 46% of them.

Lets love our pets and try to feed them a brighter diet. When making your own veggies for  Dinner, save some to put in your dogs food.

Things like, zucchine, carrots,celery and all kinds of greens and herbs too. They love sweet  potatoes, and they’re good for you also. A good home made soup with lots of veggies and rich broth is wonderful for older dogs who  sometimes have a digestive problem. Do drizzle a little olive oil over your pets food, for a shiny coat. It doesen’t hurt us either!

Another way to help keep our pets healthy, is to keep a clean backyard for them and you family to enjoy. Also, be weary of the dog treats your are giving your best friend.  Stay happy and healthy everyone.

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