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Dog Waste Removal

Scoopy's is the most affordable pooper scooper company in the upstate. We do dog waste removal for Greenville SC, Simpsonville SC, Mauldin SC, Greer SC and Taylors SC. We work with the Greenville Humane Society, pet stores, dog groomers, dog walkers, and dog fence companies.

Scoopys Pooper Scooper service provide your dog with a newly formulated lawn saving probiotic dog treat that improves your dog's health and STOPS your lawn from yellowing.

Please just fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get the information for all service details. I will call you back ASAP to answer all your questions. My prices start at $9.77 for a short period of time with the free treats, so please act now.

How It Works

How It Works
Click the picture above to find out
how the best pet service in Greenville
works! The most simple and
convenient service in the Upstate!
You won't believe how great this
pet service is!

Pricing and Packages

Pricing and Packages
The most affordable pooper scooping service,
with the greatest benefits for greenville county.
Just click the picture above to see how easy it
is to afford weekly dog waste removal... Great Prices!
We service Greenville SC, Simpsonville SC, Mauldin SC, Taylors SC, and Greer SC. If you
are an apartment complex or business we will
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Protect Your Family

Protect Your Family
Click the picture above to read about the diseases in dog waste. Your family can be in danger!
Also, are we polluting our waters by not being
responsible and cleaning up our own backyards?

What Scoopy’s Families Say!

What Scoopy's Families Say!
Click the picture above to read what people in Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Taylors and Greer have to say about Scoopy's dog waste removal service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my family get sick from bacteria and parasites in the dog waste that accumulates in the yard?

A: Absolutely, there are a number of transmittable disease you and your family can contract from the exposure of infected dog feces. Read the cautions page for further information.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: No, we have options for a one time cleaning, month to month, or a year contract.
Call for details 864-399-9185

Q: Do I need to be there, and can my dog be outside while the service is being performed?

A: You do not need to be there as long as we have full access to the area that needs to be cleaned. You may keep your dog outside pending he/she is a friendly puppy dog.

Q: Is there a discount if I pay for a full year up front?

A: Yes, we will grant a 5% discount to your service.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: We will be there the next day, we never miss a week!

Q: What if we go on vaction, can we pause the service.

A: Yes, please call ahead and you can postpone service for up to a month.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just call 864-399-9185 or fill out the contact sheet above.